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Aesthetic design

A stylistic path to realize your project

We aim at accompanying our customers on a stylistic path that leads to the final implementation of a product by using the best graphic design softwares in the industry.

For either a new concept or a restyling of something that already exists, we provide solutions that meet the highest quality standards in terms of product’s usability, shape and ergonomics.
In addition to the photorealistic rendering service, we even design concepts for exhibitions’ stands. Find out everything we can do to make your idea come true.


Product design

Thanks to our technical know-how and creativity, we make products in line with the client’s ideas. A fundamental characteristic of product design is to find effective solutions regarding the usability, ergonomics and shape of the object without neglecting the aesthetic element. At REND, right from the initial design stages it is our goal to give life to solutions that meet both aesthetic and functional needs.



Industrial design

Our aesthetic industrial design service accompanies the client on a design journey leading to the creation of industrial machines and solutions characterised by a synergy of mechanical and aesthetic components. From the creation of a new design concept to the redesign of existing products, we provide workable solutions that are technologically advanced and in line with the most popular design trends on the market.


Photorealistic rendering

Through photorealistic rendering, a sophisticated tool tasked with representing any object in three-dimensional format, we provide a 3D preview of the finished product, giving the client a clear idea of the object in space and the sensations it will transmit once created.



Exhibition concepts and stands

We design the best aesthetic renderings of exhibition and trade fair stands, using all our creativity and technical precision to create a visual concept, and from sketches and drawings we design the exhibition space down to the finest details to produce a result with a high visual impact.

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