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Range of audiological devices



The customer is an Italian company that designs and manufactures innovative audiological devices .


Concept design and industrialisation of an audiological devices range

The customer has requested to keep the internal electronic components and the dimensions of the technical sheets provided. The new aesthetics had to be developed in a family feeling between them.


According to the customer's inputs, two solutions were proposed.

The first involved developing a single mold for each product, which was then processed to obtain the upper or lower shell of the product. This solution required certain aesthetic and design constraints related to the development of the same mold.

The second, aesthetically cleaner and more elegant, involved the development of the two molds, upper and lower, but no post-mold machining was involved.

Design definition

The customer chose to develop the second solution provided; during this phase a pre-feasibility of the product was considered for all the aesthetic details.

Project Development

Once the aesthetics had been chosen, we continued with the development and industrialisation of the aesthetic model using CREO Parametric, with the aim of creating an initial functional prototype. Rend technicians modelled the plastic shells considering the technical and regulatory requirements outlined by the internal electronics.

The design activities were always carried out in close contact with colleagues in the Design Area, in order to obtain a product that is technically accurate and faithful to the design approved by the customer.


È stato realizzato un primo prototipo funzionale in stampa 3D, per verificare tutti gli aspetti seguiti durante la fase di progettazione ed effettuare considerazioni preliminari prima di rilasciare il prototipo stesso in produzione.

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