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Professional equipment

Tanning booth



The customer in question is a manufacturer of tanning devices and equipment for the wellness sector.


New interior layout and give the product a fresh aesthetic look

Starting from a redesign of the existing product, the customer asked us to come up with a new interior layout of the technical components and give the product a fresh aesthetic look.


The initial phase of the project involved examining the overall dimensions of the machine, the fans and the correct positioning of the UV lamps. Subsequently, configuration of the machine required a further aerodynamic study for air inlet and outlet to ensure user comfort during use.


The next phase of the project was dedicated to the aesthetics of the machinery and therefore to the outer shell and the parts in contact with the user inside the tanning booth. The most suitable opening method was then studied, one that was functional but at the same time with a modern and appealing design.


The image shows the finished lamp inside a solarium.

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