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Mechanical design

The utmost precision for a striking result

The long experience in the industry allows us to deal with any kind of request. From the improvements of already existing systems to the development of innovative projects.

We provide 2D and 3D modeling solutions and a meticulous reverse engineering service. For our customers we also offer a support service to the technical office in order to follow all the steps and ensure maximum results. Scroll to discover the services!


Development of innovative projects

Our long experience in the sector enables us to develop projects even when the request only comes from an idea or the desire to find a solution to certain problems. Starting with a blank canvas, we carry out market and feasibility analyses, laying the foundations to find a solution that can meet the client’s demands.



Mechanical detail engineering

We are specialised in mechanical detail engineering and can provide two-dimensional and three-dimensional modelling solutions for mechanical parts of any size. We offer a support service ​to the client’s technical department to define the details of 3D models and create working drawings, ensuring a detailed and precise result.


Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering, intended as the creation of workshop drawings based on existing objects, is particularly useful when mechanical parts or entire systems need to be modified or reconstructed. We carry out surveys characterised by a high level of precision, obtaining accurate and correct drawings, and on request we offer a service transforming physical models into fully modifiable three-dimensional models.



FEM and structural calculations

Thanks to FEM analysis we can evaluate the performance of a product while it is still in the design phase. Being able to analyse in advance the stability, resistance and deformations to which a solution may be subject enables a more informed and safe passage to the production phase, whilst avoiding any over-sizing or design flaws.

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