Rend shows you its own new Headquarters!


Turning twenty is a great achievement and Rend has celebrated it in the best of ways: it gave itself a new headquarters as present.

"Design what doesn’t exist yet". This is the Rend real mission which is going be realized thanks to its innovative vision and an eye to the future.

It’s the desire to improve and the will to keep up with the workplace innovations that has increased the necessity to move.

Marco Zanchin & Ronnie Pallaro, owners and partners of Rend, reveal the secret of the success:

“We are profoundly proud of the results achieved in these past 20 years. It was the time to reorganize the spaces and invest to refine them. Our strengths? We truly believe they are the wide range of service we offer and a unique corporate style.”

The choice of the building wasn’t random

In choosing the building that would become home for Rend in the future, the owners found the answer just a few steps away from what has been the heart of the studio for many years.

Moved by a deep emotional bond with the area, they decided to bring back to life the headquarters of a historic company that had been closed for many years. The pre-existing building was not demolished but it was only revalued and redeveloped, giving a whole different view to the large windows and the irregular diagram. Sustainable, right?!

Development and Innovation

Development: this is the word that best describes the new company offices in via Borgo Padova. A development not just in square meters, but also in the working methods.

Do you have an idea of the traditional meeting room? Forget it if you come in Rend. The new headquarters houses areas for co-creation and collaboration, zone for informal meetings and interactive and technological spaces which help creative and thinking activities.

Going upstairs, you can find a large open space. This is the element the owners are most proud of, so much so they defined it a “must”, it’s a symbol of the company values and philosophy whom identify Rend since forever.

Surely, a huge area where the operations desks are not divided by walls, allows a constant contamination of ideas among technicians

After all, as the owners said:

"The company success cannot be achieved thanks to a single individual, but is due to the work of a cohesive and motivated team, which has discovered the pleasure of scoring goals all together."

People: the most important resource

Rend is made up of people, they are its most important resource.

A new headquarters, which is not only functional and comfortable at working but also beautiful and stimulating, helps to increase the sense of belonging and involvement in the studio life.

It’s clear that invest in the employees’ well-being is good for companies, and based on this idea, the owners reveal a new project:

“In our studio a coffee breaks with colleagues or an aperitif all together is never missing. For this reason, we intend to create an area dedicated to relaxation and leisure time.”

Customers come first in the design of the new headquarters

Rend always consider the costumers at the first place, it’s thanks to them they have reached this success.

To improve service and support, Rend wanted to dedicate an area exclusively to them. To stage as the analysis and the study of prototypes, this environment allows to be followed from a technician with proper confidentiality and professionalism.

The gratitude to their customers is also confirmed by Marco & Ronnie words:

"The satisfaction of our client is our priority. Supporting their R&D department in the development of a new product or in mechanical design, being part of projects that can be defined as the heart of their innovations, is a source of pride for us."

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